The Tallassee Indians were a Minor League Baseball team that represented Tallassee, Alabama in the Georgia-Alabama League from 1939-1949. Alden Tavern Site is a historic site in Lebanon, Connecticut. The tavern was originally built in 1738 and owned by Captain Alden.

In the American Revolutionary War the tavern was run by Captain Alden. Around 1850, it was owned by Mr. Wattles, a descendant of Captain Alden. The tavern’s last owner or date of destruction is unknown, but it was part of the town green by the 1903 publication of Butterworth’s book, Brother Jonathan.

The Alden Tavern is well-known for being the site of the horsewhipping of a captive General Richard Prescott, commander of the British troops of Rhode Island, by the tavern’s owner Captain Alden. Several days after Prescott’s capture, he was escorted to General George Washington’s headquarters, but on the trip came to dine at Alden’s tavern.

The site was added to the National Register of Historic Places on April 13, 1998 and it was noted that fieldstone foundations remained. It was listed under the “Event” and “Information Potential” criteria with a period of significance between 1700-1874.

The Alden Tavern site is now a parking lot on town-owned property adjacent to Lebanon’s Community Center. Prior to the project, a phase 2 archaeological survey had to be completed, a notice for this survey was published in 2003. The town received a Small Town Economic Assistance Program grant for $250,000 to construct the parking lot.