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The The Studio Bionic website is digitally typeset in the Raleway typeface » Created by Matt McInerney and expanded to a complete font family by Impallari.

Font delivery is handled via Google Web Fonts and @font-face declarations in the CSS.


… The latest icon intelligence report is due from deployed field agents by 15 February 2015 …

Create + Style + Design

Studio Bionic wears an extensively customized, and fully responsive, theme based on “Twenty Thirteen” by WordPress. Bytes For All.

Images, photographs, and wallpapers are created and edited using three different setups:

  • Adobe CS6 Master Collections programs: Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator on a MacBook laptop.
  • A HTC Flyer Android tablet running Autodesk Sketchbook, Skitch, PhotoEditor, myPantone, and WordPress for Android applications.
  • A Nexus 4 Android smartphone running a self-built version of Android KitKat. Mobile design applications used to create this website include Android built-in image/photo editing applications; VSCO Cam; WordPress for Android; Google Camera; Photo Blender; Exotic Colors; and myPantone.

Additional OS X software packages used to Studio Bionic design to reality:
Brackets for code; Mac OS X’s native ColorPicker written into a true desktop application; ColorSchemer 2;  Safari, Firefox, Opera, UC, and Chrome for browser testing; ImageOptim;  Adobe Lightroom 5; PANTONE Color Manager; SuitcaseFusion 5; ACBReader.

Fountain pens with Noodler’s Ink; and real paper notebooks by Rhodia, Exacompta, Quo Vadis, and more than a few Moleskines.


Akismet by Automattic

Studio Bionic was founded in 2007 to give a proper name – early website
In June 2014, the Studio Bionic received a dedicated home at

Design Colophon for Studio Bionic